Books jumping off shelves

I came across this really funny image and since it’s related to books anyway, why not publish it here? Jersey Shore is apparently a reality TV series that is currently very popular in the United States. In fact I would say that it is applicable to any reality-based television series that is being produced today.

I’d much rather read a book, thank you.

Back after a long hiatus

Yeah, I know it is not an excuse for me not to update the blog, but I was stretched really thin with the things I had to do for the past several weeks. From maintaining my directory network to getting ideas for featured articles to be published on, I have been really busy. And oh, did I mention that I have a son now? :mrgreen:

Above is a photo of me with my mom holding my son, Mu’awiyah Rayyan Nieshaem. He was born on 12.10.2011.

Bought a book at Badan Cemerlang

I went to Badan Cemerlang bookstore at Plaza Angsana JB a few days ago, after sending my wife to work. Loitered around and didn’t see any English books. Most of the books I saw at Badan are Bahasa Melayu books mostly published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). I even came across a book authored by someone I knew, hmmm….

I inquired about Interlok at the front desk but they told me they didn’t have it. So I wandered off again to the DBP section. By chance, I stumbled across the book Muslim and Christian Ethics by Mohd. Nasir Omar. It was published by DBP and in English, too! I remember seeing this book at Kinokuniya (and they were selling it for RM35), so imagine my surprise when I took it to the counter and found out that I only had to pay RM16 for it!

So here is yet another proud acquisition, for yours truly’s library of comparative religion works. I am starting to read the book and I will give a review of it in due time. Still taking my time in finishing it, however, as I have many things going on at the moment.

Amazon Kindle 3 video review

After watching the above Amazon Kindle 3 video review from Mobile Tech Review on YouTube, I’ve made up my mind to get the Kindle 3 once I have the sufficient funds to do so. At the same time, it so happens I came across this Malaysian online store which directly sells the Kindle 3 for RM675 (WiFi-only version). Add the leather case (RM80) and the total would come up to a whooping RM755. Personally I feel that anything above RM500 for an e-book reader is overpriced, but considering the current difficult state of getting a Kindle locally, I guess this cannot be helped.

I am going to purchase the Amazon Kindle 3 (WiFi-only version) as soon as I have the cash to do so.