New advertisement for Amazon Kindle 3

From the looks of it, the Amazon Kindle 3 really looks amazing! Maybe I will get the Kindle after all.

Mar 2011
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So many e-Readers to choose from!

I bought a new Acer laptop two days ago, but until today I still cannot make up my mind on which e-book reader to buy. With so many choices in the market today, I am frankly at loss on which e-reader to plunk my money into. The ideal e-book reader for me would be one that can read PDF files, as well as having tons of space to store my e-book files. Wifi support and all that shebang isn’t really necessary, but since we are talking about a lot of money here, those things are definitely something which are value for money.

Since the iPad 2 is already launched, I expect prices for the original iPad to also go down significantly. Which in that case, I might go for a high-end iPad model in the end.

Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad?

I was torn between choosing the Amazon Kindle or buying an Apple iPad for my humongous collection of PDF e-books, but after watching the video above, I am leaning towards getting an Amazon Kindle. Still, I am not fully decided on that yet.

Karnival Karangkraf 2011

For those of you who are book lovers, you would be interested to know that media publisher Karangkraf is holding their Karnival Karangkraf 2011 at their premises in Shah Alam, Selangor. The event is taking place this weekend, from 28th to 30th January 2011. To be honest, it is of little interest to me as I am not really a fan of what Karangkraf publishes, apart from Majalah i. But if they are your thing, there’s nothing to stop you from going for it.

All other details are in the poster above.

Jan 2011