Amazon Kindle 3 video review

After watching the above Amazon Kindle 3 video review from Mobile Tech Review on YouTube, I’ve made up my mind to get the Kindle 3 once I have the sufficient funds to do so. At the same time, it so happens I came across this Malaysian online store which directly sells the Kindle 3 for RM675 (WiFi-only version). Add the leather case (RM80) and the total would come up to a whooping RM755. Personally I feel that anything above RM500 for an e-book reader is overpriced, but considering the current difficult state of getting a Kindle locally, I guess this cannot be helped.

I am going to purchase the Amazon Kindle 3 (WiFi-only version) as soon as I have the cash to do so.

So many e-Readers to choose from!

I bought a new Acer laptop two days ago, but until today I still cannot make up my mind on which e-book reader to buy. With so many choices in the market today, I am frankly at loss on which e-reader to plunk my money into. The ideal e-book reader for me would be one that can read PDF files, as well as having tons of space to store my e-book files. Wifi support and all that shebang isn’t really necessary, but since we are talking about a lot of money here, those things are definitely something which are value for money.

Since the iPad 2 is already launched, I expect prices for the original iPad to also go down significantly. Which in that case, I might go for a high-end iPad model in the end.

Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad?

I was torn between choosing the Amazon Kindle or buying an Apple iPad for my humongous collection of PDF e-books, but after watching the video above, I am leaning towards getting an Amazon Kindle. Still, I am not fully decided on that yet.