Big Bad Wolf Books 2012

The Big Bad Wolf Books sale is back! Last year I went to the event with a friend where it was held at MAEPS, Serdang. This year, they are holding it at the Mines Convention Center, which is actually nearer this time as it is only around 5 – 10 minutes from where I am currently staying.

They claim that there will be 3 million books available at ridiculously high discounts….that is certainly a significant increase from last year’s event which stood at around a million books. I bought a hand-trolley specifically for this event, because last year I didn’t came prepared and ended up having to carry around large boxes of books, books and more books! It was tiring too but I enjoyed myself a lot. However, this time I am more prepared and will be bringing the hand-trolley so that I can increase my book-carrying capacity.

See you at the Mines Convention Center for the event!

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Bought a book at Badan Cemerlang

I went to Badan Cemerlang bookstore at Plaza Angsana JB a few days ago, after sending my wife to work. Loitered around and didn’t see any English books. Most of the books I saw at Badan are Bahasa Melayu books mostly published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). I even came across a book authored by someone I knew, hmmm….

I inquired about Interlok at the front desk but they told me they didn’t have it. So I wandered off again to the DBP section. By chance, I stumbled across the book Muslim and Christian Ethics by Mohd. Nasir Omar. It was published by DBP and in English, too! I remember seeing this book at Kinokuniya (and they were selling it for RM35), so imagine my surprise when I took it to the counter and found out that I only had to pay RM16 for it!

So here is yet another proud acquisition, for yours truly’s library of comparative religion works. I am starting to read the book and I will give a review of it in due time. Still taking my time in finishing it, however, as I have many things going on at the moment.