Fifty books to read before you reach 50

Each of these books contains some wisdom to life you could use for your own benefit. Some of these stories are enjoyable reads while others push your limits of reading and toleration. These books cover various subjects including religion, philosophy, ethics, world, and history.

There are actually a few more than 50 books here. Some books are part of volumes that should not be separated and were counted as one. Could have just called it “55 Books To Read Before….” but it didn’t sound as good! Consider it extra wisdom and pleasure-reading. These books may change your life and the way you think for the better!

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The fuss over “Interlok”


Some bloggers have been commenting about it, so permit me to join the bandwagon as well. Truth be told, I really think that the issue has been played out of proportion. The book was written by SN Abdullah Hussain in the 1970s and some four decades later, it is causing such a ruckus? Gosh, I think some people are really (mis)using this issue for political capital. Considering that those making such a fuss about it are members of a political party which was nearly wiped out in Election 2008, I think this assessment isn’t too far off the mark after all.

However, since I am such a bookworm, I will try to get hold of a copy of this book. I think it is time that I pay a visit to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and purchase this book from their bookstore….I haven’t been to DBP for a very long time (the last time I was there was in 2001 with my father, to inquire about the royalty / prize money for my poem’s win in HSSBR 2000). I sure hope they have the original version of the book. I am not interested in the Edisi Pelajar copy.

The Spellbox

The Spellbox

The Spellbox swept me away! Can we say Sean Connery? Oh, I fell in love with Evan Lyells! His brogue alone would win the heart of any maiden. Not to mention a married woman who lost her innocence long back. Yummy! I laughed. I was charmed by the innocence. Plus, I wrinkled my nose up at just how apt Christina Hamlett was with her descriptions of their living conditions. ~ Buzzy’s Reviews, eBookAd and Midwest Book Reviews The use of the spellbox for time travel was a unique mechanism … Ms. Hamlett created an interesting cast of characters, and the reader knows why these people act as they do. THE SPELLBOX is a different take on time travels, and for those who love them is well worth the time. 4 Stars! ~ Scribes World Revi (more…)

Frankenstein – The True Story

Frankenstein - The True Story

Hints of sublime horror lurk in a big pile of camp lunacy in Frankenstein: The True Story. While a subtitle like The True Story might make you think this 1970s TV production hews close to Mary Shelley’s classic novel, it’s safe to say that Shelley’s opus did not include crawling disembodied arms, sinister Chinese coolies, solar power, or the flabbergasting paisley dressing gown that Dr. Frankenstein wears for one brief but startling scene. In fact, The True Story deviates from Shelley’s story in almost every detail. In this version, the young and handsome Dr. Frankenstein (Leonard Whiting, star of Zeffirelli’s Romeo & Juliet) is lured into reviving the dead by the obsessive Dr. Clerval (David McCallum, The Man from (more…)