The Fuss Over “Interlok”


Some bloggers have been commenting about it, so permit me to join the bandwagon as well. Truth be told, I really think that the issue has been played out of proportion. The book was written by SN Abdullah Hussain in the 1970s and some four decades later, it is causing such a ruckus? Gosh, I think some people are really (mis)using this issue for political capital. Considering that those making such a fuss about it are members of a political party which was nearly wiped out in Election 2008, I think this assessment isn’t too far off the mark after all.

However, since I am such a bookworm, I will try to get hold of a copy of this book. I think it is time that I pay a visit to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and purchase this book from their bookstore….I haven’t been to DBP for a very long time (the last time I was there was in 2001 with my father, to inquire about the royalty / prize money for my poem’s win in HSSBR 2000). I sure hope they have the original version of the book. I am not interested in the Edisi Pelajar copy.


  1. smallkucing says:

    LOL…2001? Me worse. The last time I went to DBP was with my Standard 6 school trip to go for a pameran buku there. I still have 4 books of the Hikayat Sa-ribu Satu Malam from that round. It’s written in the old malay. I remember I got it RM1 a book.

  2. Snuze says:

    I've read the book in its original incarnation and was blown away by how beautiful it was. It was seriously accessible, unlike most books labelled "sastera", if you know what I mean. I didn't have to keep the Kamus Dewan by my side while reading it (humbly speaking as someone who garnered only a C5 in her SPM BM).

    Read it. It's awesome.

    For those who wants to take exception to it, I say take exception to the social conditioning that gives meaning to the word pariah as it's used. The word was used in a historical context, not in a demeaning way. But mileage will vary.

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