I Found Out What I Was Missing And Made Some Changes

I often do not check my spam box in my email program. It is not that I am against doing that, but I often forget to do it. I recently learned that people and companies you deal with may be sending information to you that hits your spam box, and then I realized I needed to start checking it more often. So, I did that least week, and found an email from a local company that offered me less expensive utility rates and asked me to click here for more information in the email. All I can say is that it is a good idea that I did.

I called the utility company and told them just how much I am paying every month currently. They asked me some simple information such as my location, how much I am paying to my current company, etc. Within just a couple of minutes, the representative pointed out how much less I would be paying via kilowatt hour if I were to switch over to them. I asked her if there were any hidden fees or anything like that, and she assured me that there aren’t any. I also asked them how long they had been offering that price. When she told me that they had not raised rates in the past 4 years, I told her I wanted to switch over to their services immediately.

After I hung up, I realized that I need to do the same thing with all of the companies I do business with, no matter what type of service I was getting at each of them. I knew there was no telling how much money I might be spending that I did not really need to. Each night, I came home and made yet another call to another business, and after just a few nights, I was done. It saved me some good money.

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