Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Originally, I thought of getting the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to replace my Kindle Keyboard which I thought was not possible to be fixed. But after a lot of researching and finally successful in dismantling my Kindle Keyboard and replacing the broken screen….I started to realise that I just simply cannot let go of my Kindle Keyboard, I love it too much! It would therefore pointless for me to get the Paperwhite, because the only differences between these two devices are a touchscreen and backlighting….features that I can actually live without.

Hence I decided that in order to get a better Amazon Kindle device that will not displace my existing Kindle Keyboard, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX would be the best choice. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is more of a tablet than a dedicated e-book reader anyway….so not only would I be able to read e-books on it, I will be able to use it just like any other tablet out there. So yes, I’ve pretty much made up my mind that my next Amazon device will be the Kindle Fire HDX.

Big Bad Wolf Books 2012

The Big Bad Wolf Books sale is back! Last year I went to the event with a friend where it was held at MAEPS, Serdang. This year, they are holding it at the Mines Convention Center, which is actually nearer this time as it is only around 5 – 10 minutes from where I am currently staying.

They claim that there will be 3 million books available at ridiculously high discounts….that is certainly a significant increase from last year’s event which stood at around a million books. I bought a hand-trolley specifically for this event, because last year I didn’t came prepared and ended up having to carry around large boxes of books, books and more books! It was tiring too but I enjoyed myself a lot. However, this time I am more prepared and will be bringing the hand-trolley so that I can increase my book-carrying capacity.

See you at the Mines Convention Center for the event!

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Books jumping off shelves

I came across this really funny image and since it’s related to books anyway, why not publish it here? Jersey Shore is apparently a reality TV series that is currently very popular in the United States. In fact I would say that it is applicable to any reality-based television series that is being produced today.

I’d much rather read a book, thank you.