Bought a book at Badan Cemerlang

I went to Badan Cemerlang bookstore at Plaza Angsana JB a few days ago, after sending my wife to work. Loitered around and didn’t see any English books. Most of the books I saw at Badan are Bahasa Melayu books mostly published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). I even came across a book authored by someone I knew, hmmm….

I inquired about Interlok at the front desk but they told me they didn’t have it. So I wandered off again to the DBP section. By chance, I stumbled across the book Muslim and Christian Ethics by Mohd. Nasir Omar. It was published by DBP and in English, too! I remember seeing this book at Kinokuniya (and they were selling it for RM35), so imagine my surprise when I took it to the counter and found out that I only had to pay RM16 for it!

So here is yet another proud acquisition, for yours truly’s library of comparative religion works. I am starting to read the book and I will give a review of it in due time. Still taking my time in finishing it, however, as I have many things going on at the moment.

Fifty books to read before you reach 50

Each of these books contains some wisdom to life you could use for your own benefit. Some of these stories are enjoyable reads while others push your limits of reading and toleration. These books cover various subjects including religion, philosophy, ethics, world, and history.

There are actually a few more than 50 books here. Some books are part of volumes that should not be separated and were counted as one. Could have just called it “55 Books To Read Before….” but it didn’t sound as good! Consider it extra wisdom and pleasure-reading. These books may change your life and the way you think for the better!

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The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction

The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction

During her many years of teaching introduction to fiction courses, Ann Charters developed an acute sense of which stories work most effectively in the classroom. She also discovered that writers, not editors, have the most interesting and useful things to say about the making and the meaning of fiction. Accordingly, her choice of fiction in the first edition of her The Story and Its Writer was as notable for its student appeal as it was for its quality and range. And to complement these stories, she introduced a lasting innovation: an array of the writers’ own commentaries on the craft and traditions of the short story. In subsequent editions her sense of what works was confirmed as the book evolved into the most comprehensive  (more…)

“Patani: Behind The Accidental Border” by Kijang Mas Perkasa

This book presents a comprehensive and definitive analysis of the ongoing socio-political conflict in Patani, a Malay nation that has been under direct Thai rule since her momentous annexation by Siam in 1902. The historical context and socio-political evolution of the Patani struggle for liberation are explored in dramatic detail, with facts derived from contextual analysis of previously un-deciphered archival materials and accounts of the conflict’s key players. A comprehensive framework of a sustainable political solution to the “Pattani Issue” is also synthesized with unprecedented granularity.

This must-read book expounds the political intrigue and complexities of Siamese Shadow Play politics that have kept the Malay nation of Patani Darussalam under the Thai yoke for the past century. Since its launch in mid-2008, this book has become the definitive resource and intellectual authority on the Patani Conflict.