DIY-ing my Kindle 3


After scouring the World Wide Web for months, I found out that sending a Kindle 3 for repairs to a third-party is too costly for me to bear. There are only a few companies which offer a Kindle 3 screen repair service, and most of them are located in the US and the UK. Being a Malaysian, sending my Kindle to either the US or UK would already be costly enough, what more with having to bear the repair costs and the shipping back to Malaysia! The total cost for all that amounts to at least RM700++, which not only exceeds the value of a Kindle 3 but also that for a new Kindle Paperwhite. Therefore, the solution for me (if I don’t want to ditch my old, broken Kindle, that is) is to order a replacement screen unit from a manufacturer and do the repair myself. It didn’t take me long to find a seller on eBay, which I promptly ordered.

Still waiting for that screen to arrive here. Once it does, I will conduct the repairs myself based on guides that I find on the WWW.

Amazon Kindle screen repair

Last night I discovered that my precious Amazon Kindle (3rd generation) which has been with me for at least a year — and that after I claimed warranty for the first unit I had from the company — has broken its screen display again. Much like what I had faced before with the first unit that I had, the screensaver is frozen and no amount of resetting the device or powering it up will solve the issue. So I told the vendor I bought it from about it and he suggested that I might as well ditch it and get a new one. I might get a new unit since I was right in the middle of Clash of Kings and I don’t want to leave it, but I am unwilling to ditch my faithful e-book reader. So I looked around and I found out that the screen has been successfully repaired before by individual people, as in the video above. Continue reading Amazon Kindle screen repair

Ekspo Buku Islam Putrajaya 2012

After coming to know of this Islamic Book Fair 2012 in Putrajaya which ends tomorrow, I’ve decided that I might drop by just to take a peek. That is, assuming if I have the time to do so. I have been extremely busy these days, so much so that I do not even have the time to update this blog! In any case, my personal library could certainly make do with a few new titles for the year 2012. If you are in or around the area, I would most certainly encourage you to go and have a look.

Continue reading Ekspo Buku Islam Putrajaya 2012

Books jumping off shelves

I came across this really funny image and since it’s related to books anyway, why not publish it here? Jersey Shore is apparently a reality TV series that is currently very popular in the United States. In fact I would say that it is applicable to any reality-based television series that is being produced today.

I’d much rather read a book, thank you.