“Patani: Behind The Accidental Border” By Kijang Mas Perkasa

This book presents a comprehensive and definitive analysis of the ongoing socio-political conflict in Patani, a Malay nation that has been under direct Thai rule since her momentous annexation by Siam in 1902. The historical context and socio-political evolution of the Patani struggle for liberation are explored in dramatic detail, with facts derived from contextual analysis of previously un-deciphered archival materials and accounts of the conflict’s key players. A comprehensive framework of a sustainable political solution to the “Pattani Issue” is also synthesized with unprecedented granularity.

This must-read book expounds the political intrigue and complexities of Siamese Shadow Play politics that have kept the Malay nation of Patani Darussalam under the Thai yoke for the past century. Since its launch in mid-2008, this book has become the definitive resource and intellectual authority on the Patani Conflict.


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    Where can I get a copy to read ?

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