Revived At Last!

So I decided to dredge this blog from the depths of development hell, give it a fresh look with a nice new WordPress theme, and turn it into a personal project of mine. You can actually read about the story of this revival effort here. Oh yes, I have renamed the blog to “The Bibliaholic Blog”, of which the genesis behind the name you can see here.

To cut a very long story short, I will post reviews about books, books and nothing else but books. Of course, since I do pride myself as a Muslim internet activist, most of the books that will be reviewed here will focus on Comparative Religion works. I will even review anti-Islam books and deal with them briefly, but do not expect this to be a full-fledged rebuttal as this is only a books review blog (and I intend to keep it that way). Some fiction books will be reviewed as well….I do read a couple of them every few months or so, although not as much as I used to due to my focus on comparative religion and online Islamic activism.

So, without further ado….let the reviews roll in!

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