Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Originally, I thought of getting the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to replace my Kindle Keyboard which I thought was not possible to be fixed. But after a lot of researching and finally successful in dismantling my Kindle Keyboard and replacing the broken screen….I started to realise that I just simply cannot let go of my Kindle Keyboard, I love it too much! It would therefore pointless for me to get the Paperwhite, because the only differences between these two devices are a touchscreen and backlighting….features that I can actually live without.

Hence I decided that in order to get a better Amazon Kindle device that will not displace my existing Kindle Keyboard, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX would be the best choice. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is more of a tablet than a dedicated e-book reader anyway….so not only would I be able to read e-books on it, I will be able to use it just like any other tablet out there. So yes, I’ve pretty much made up my mind that my next Amazon device will be the Kindle Fire HDX.

Google’s digital library stalled again

I was a bit disappointed when I came across the news regarding a judge’s judgement to reject Google’s plan to release millions of scanned digitised books to the world. As an avid book-lover and self-confessed “bibliaholic”, I really think that Google’s plan to do so is a really great idea that will be beneficial to everyone. Never mind the critics who accuse Google of getting a “significant competitive advantage”. It is not like these same critics are unable to do what Google is planning to do and ready to start implementing when it is possible.

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So many e-Readers to choose from!

I bought a new Acer laptop two days ago, but until today I still cannot make up my mind on which e-book reader to buy. With so many choices in the market today, I am frankly at loss on which e-reader to plunk my money into. The ideal e-book reader for me would be one that can read PDF files, as well as having tons of space to store my e-book files. Wifi support and all that shebang isn’t really necessary, but since we are talking about a lot of money here, those things are definitely something which are value for money.

Since the iPad 2 is already launched, I expect prices for the original iPad to also go down significantly. Which in that case, I might go for a high-end iPad model in the end.